Where Children Sleep : James Mollison

11-year-old Joey, who killed his first deer when he was seven, lives in Kentucky 
with his family.

4-year-old Romanian boy who shares a mattress with his family in the outskirts of 

12-year-old Lamine sleeps in a room shared with several other boys in the Koranic 
school in their Senegalese village.

14-year-old Irkena is a member of the semi-nomadic Rendille tribe in Kenya and 
lives with his mother in a temporary homestead in the Kaisut Desert.

14-year-old Prena is a domestic worker in Nepal and lives in a cell-like room in the 
attic of the house where she works in Katmandu.

14-year-old Erien slept on the floor of her favela abode in Rio de Janeiro until the 
late stages of her pregnancy.

15-year-old Risa is training to be a geisha and shares a teahouse with 13 women
in Kyoto, Japan.

10-year-old Ryuta is a champion sumo-wrestler living in Tokyo with his family.

4-year-old Jasmine has participated in over 100 child beauty pageants and lives in 
a large house in the Kentucky countryside.

7-year-old Indira works at a granite quarry and lives in a one-room house near
 Katmandu, Nepal, with her parents, brother and sister.

8-year-old Justin plays football, basketball and baseball. He lives in a four-
bedroom house in New Jersey.

Alyssa lives in a small wooden house with her family in Appalachia.

8-year-old Ahkohxet belongs to the Kraho tribe and lives in Brazil's Amazon 

9-year-old Dong shares a room with his parents, sister and grandfather, growing 
rice and sugar cane in China's Yunnan Province.

9-year-old Delanie aspires to be a fashion designer and lives with her parents and 
younger siblings in a large house in New Jersey.

9-year-old Jamie shares a top-floor apartment on New York's Fifth Avenue with 
his parents and three siblings. The family's two other homes are in Spain and the 

9-year-old Tsvika and his siblings share a bedroom in an apartment in the West 
Bank, in a gated Orthodox Jewish community known as Beitar Illit.

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  1. We have no choice where to be born.
    Children have no choice where to live.
    They need love and care,
    shelter and protection from adults.
    Everyone has right to have a good life
    though everyone can't really expect
    that life is secure.

    Thanks for sharing.